Healthy alternatives

Anthracite, custom made furniture (Montreal)

Espace Cuisine (Montreal)

Cuisines Multiplex (Montreal)

Cuisines Steam

The SKIN kitchens offered by A Hauteur d'homme (Montreal) are an effective material reduction solution that is both sustainable and eco-responsible. Indeed, the firm does not use traditional cabinets, which are often made from particles, therefore not very durable and containing VOCs. The firm also offers sustainable ecological products for the design of your kitchen (see eco habitation).

Nugreen is a non-toxic (formaldehyde-free) alternative to melamine chipboard (plywood).

You will find other Quebec kitchen manufacturers and more information on the eco habitation site.


You may not always imagine it, but your kitchen cabinets and cabinets may contain and release toxic chemicals.

In our indoor environment, the air is sometimes much more polluted than outside. It is therefore essential to choose ecological and healthy materials.

Choose VOC-free materials.

Opt for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable woods that do not affect air quality

Use water-based lacquers (rather than solvent-based, which can be toxic) and water-based stains (rather than oil-based).

Ingrédients to avoid

  • COV (composés Organiques Volatiles) libérant du formaldéhyde: cancérogène, irritant pour les yeux et les voies respiratoires, sensibilisant respiratoire