Healthy alternatives


Conscious Skincare- Organic Conditioner Pure

Dolphin Organics- Hair Conditioner

Druide- Revitalisant Pur and Pure

Oneka- Revitalisant non parfumé

With fragrances

Attitude- Revitalisants

Avalon organics- Conditioners

Boyzz Only- No Nonsense Revitalisant

Green Beaver- Revitalisant Naturel

Jusu Body- Natural Conditioner

Lowen's Natural Skin Care- Conditioner is Betta!

Nana Essence- Revitalisants

Plaine Products- Conditioner


Several possibilities are available to you to make your conditioner. Depending on the nature of your hair and what you are looking for (for dry, oily, damaged, coloured, curly hair...), different options are possible.

On the following pages, you will find recipes based on avocado, oats, oil, egg...

Bioté naturelle- Oatmeal conditioner

Fourchette et Bikini- 3 recipes for anti-dandruff shampoos, for damaged hair and for dull hair.

Produits artemis- Herbal conditioner (different according to your hair)

Ingredients to avoid

  • Bromure de cétrimonium: grave irritant pour la peau, des yeux, des muqueuses et des voies respiratoires, toxique
  • Cétéareth: cancérogène possible
  • Goudron de houille (colorants) : cancérogène, sensibilisant cutané, photosensibilisant
  • DMDM Hydantoïne : cancérogène possible (libère du formaldéhyde), irritant cutané, sensibilisant cutané
  • Parabènes: perturbateurs endocriniens
  • Parfums: allergènes
  • Propylène glycol: allergène, irritant
  • Quartenium 18: irritant